Sunday, March 4, 2018


BRAGADAYJAH 1609. Proverbs 23: 12-22. Righteousness and Wickedness Contrasted. Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge. Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shall deliver his soul from hell. My son. If thine heart be wise, my heart shall rejoice, even mine. Yea, my reins shall rejoice when my lips speak right things. Let not thine heart envy sinners, but be thou in the fear of the Lord all the day long. For surely, there is an end, and thine expectation shall not be cut off. Hear thou my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way. Be not among wine-bibbers, among riotous eaters of flesh: for the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags. Hearken unto thy father that begat thee; and despise not thy mother when she is old. Buy the truth and sell it not, neither wisdom, and instruction and understanding.

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