Friday, May 31, 2013

Sonnet - First Love

First Love
You vowed you would love me always
My love. How can I ever forget it?
And so my love, I’ll always wait,
For you my rose, be it a hundred years.
Do you remember when first we met,
How exciting love had been?
Ah, to think that you could ever forget,
My darling, sweetheart, queen!
And was it not a blushing rose,
A bright red sweetly scented flower,
I plucked from its bed of gay repose,
And brought you my first lover?
Oh, may its fragrance linger on,
All through the years my love my own.

                       Prince John Chaber
Cry Out My

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In Memoriam ,Ode To The Victims of 911

In Memoriam

The face of terror raised its head,
Our sons and daughters now are dead!
And who will weep for them?
We will weep for them!

Demonic fiends broke through our door,
And mamas and papas are no more.
And who will sing lullaby’s for them?
We will sing for them!

Fiends! They came in demented rage,
Sent grandmas and grandpas to the grave!
And who will pray for them?
We will pray for them!

What deathly force those cowards ushered!
Taking with them our sisters and brothers!
And who will speak for them?
We will speak for them!

Without warning came they like wolves!
Wreaking havoc on our friends!
And who will judge for them?
We will judge for them!

As for the dead, what pain they felt?
As twisted steel, bricks, mortar, melt!
And who will bury them?
We will bury them.

They came! They demolished our beautiful city!
Despoiled our buildings without pity!
And who will rebuild for them?
We will rebuild for them!

Defenseless all they lived, they died.
They got no pity when they cried!
And who shall avenge them?
We will avenge them!

And that date, eleventh September,
We will always, always, remember!
And who will remember them?
We will remember them!

And who will repay the cowards?
We will repay them, a thousand fold.
And we, the living,
We will weep for them.
We will sing for them.
We will pray for them.
We will speak for them.
We will judge for them.
We will bury them.
We will rebuild for them.
We will avenge them.
We will remember them,
Ad infinitum, in memoriam!
Prince John Chaber

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mark My Word.

Satan and his army have won four major battles in his war to conquer the Saints and overrun the world. The first coup was when he persuaded the Congress and the Judiciary to ban prayer in school. Our children were turned from praying to slaying. Coup number two, Judicial approval of mass abortion.  From Roe v Wade to now alone, over 60 million babes have been murdered by their mothers with or without assistance from doctors.  Coup number 3 is the act of the Congress and State Legislatures recognizing sake sex unions. The potential loss in numbers of population growth is estimated to be two hundred million, over the next decade or so.  Coup number 4 concerns government's decision to put young children in the hands of these infidels for rearing.  What can be excepted of a child put in the hands of a homosexual, except to turn out another homosexual?  "O  Mommy I'm gay!" a five year old might say.  "O wonderful, Just wonderful!" the triumphant parent  replies.
      Mark My Words, at this rate, America by the year 2040 will completely self-destruct and reduced to rubble without a single shot fired.  Mark My Words.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Uncivilized Man

The uncivilized man is degenerate, that is to say, unregenerate. He comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and creeds. He hates God.  He is proud, boastful, inventor of evil, disobedient to parents, ignorant, ungodly, unreasonable, unkind, and filthy of flesh, that is to say without natural affection.
   Yet God's commandment is that even though such are enemies of God and thus our enemies too, we should love them not kill them as the heathens do.

The Uncivilized Man.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

How Do I Know That God Exists

How Do I Know That God Exists?

Part II
In the previous episode, it was asserted that God’s Existence could be proved with the accuracy of Mathematics; and it was promised that the first of several heads of proof would be advanced in this episode. This will be done shortly; but first let me take just one quote from the Bible to illustrate the point that will come thereafter.
            Now, the writer of the book of Hebrews states, “He that comes to God must believe that He is and He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.” (Heb. 11:6)  Taken literally and contextually, it would seem to indicate that the words clearly state that God can be known, since if He did not exist, He could not reward those who seek after Him.  The question, therefore is, how can we know that God exists?
            The answer is as plain and as clear as the nose on your face, presuming you have a nose that is.  If you do not have one, you may even be forgiven if you have a problem finding God. But here is the challenge.  Go into your bathroom or your bedroom, as the case may be, strip yourself naked and look at your body from head to feet.  What do you see?  I aver a perfectly created human structure.  Start with your face if you like, and work down to your toes.  When you get a chance, look at someone else’s body; maybe that of a baby, male, female; I ask again, a perfectly created, intricate body, with billions of perfectly made and duplicated human forms.  Add to this what is written in your biology book/notes about the complete human body and  its complexities, and ask yourself if the human body could possibly be an accident of an accident?
            I do hope to hear your answer before continuing.  But if you are a reasonable, rational creature in being I believe I know what your answer is and or ought to be.

                                                                        Rev Dr John Weekes

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Christ and Scripture Not The Pope

Today's  announcement that the new Pope has declared hundreds of Saints according to Catholic traditions, is further evidence that the Roman Church is still very much a church whose foundation is still the church of Pergamos, and whose superstructure is still very much the church of Thyatira and therefore anything but a Christ led church.
     Christ, not the Pope calls Saints, and Scripture, not the church declares Saints.  Way back in the Old Testament, God's word exhorts his people, "Be ye holy, [Saintly], for I the Lord Thy God am Holy."
     The New Testament is replete with scripture concerning who are saints and or called to be Saints. Ephesians referring to the endowment of spiritual gifts states, he gave "for the perfecting of the Saints." (4:12).  Paul recommending Phebe to the brethren said, "receiver her as become Saints." In Philippians 4: 21, Paul  urged, "Salute every Saint in Christ Jesus." Peter, quoting from the Old Testament cites, "Be ye holy, for I am Holy.  Leviticus  11:44-45; 20:7.  Paul again writing to Timothy reminds him that Christ has called us, every saved person to a holy, saintly calling 2 Tim. 1:9. 
    Accordingly, there are only two types of people in the world, namely, those who are saved, holy, saints, and those who are not. And the criteria are based on what God's word declares, not what the Pope declares; for the truth is he may or not be a saint of God. 
Rev Dr John S Weekes May 14, 2013

How Do I Know That God Exists

How Do I Know That God Exists?

I have heard this question asked over and over again.  It has been asked among friends and family; it has been asked of clergymen; it has been asked by believers; it has been asked by unbelievers.  Yet I can’t recall hearing a single logical or even sensible answer to that simple question.  The most common, if the flattest answer I have heard is, “Well you have to have faith.”
            Even before I had any real answer myself, I dismissed that pat answer as being wholly inadequate and incompetent.  As I studied the question more and more, I realized that an All Wise, All Knowing Omnipotent Creator, like any human manufacturer/maker, would have wanted to put his stamp or mark on his creation.  Every car manufacturer does that; every oven, microwave, stove, items of clothing, in short all manufactured goods have the maker’s logo, or mark stamped on it; and man is no exception.
            Indeed the more I studied, the more I became convinced that man has a special mark of his maker indelibly stamped on him and so, in course of time, I made the boast, yes the boast, that I could prove the existence of God with the accuracy of mathematics.
            The result is my book Understanding the Existence of God.  In it I proved that God’s existence is positive, probative and conclusive. That in short His existence can be proved and is more provable than any other fact on earth, if for no other reason than that He is the source of all other created things.
            I will shortly present you with the first of several absolutely mind boggling items of evidence. Evidence so pervasive and self evident you will ask yourself in awe, “How can I have missed it?”  But before proceeding further, I want you to ponder what has been said so far and come back here one week hence to receive the first answer to that seemingly puzzling question, “Does God exist?”
                                                            Rev Dr. John S Weekes           May 12/2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tribute To Mothers

A Tribute To Mothers

When long ago in Eden’s land
God viewed His proud creation,
He saw at once it could not stand
And so He made a woman.

Alas it was, she first to sin,
And made all men to suffer,
But first she was to know real pain,
For she was the first mother.

A helper she assigned to be,
The man to be her leader,
She plucked his dinner from a tree,
But the fruit was oh, so bitter.

Condemned she was to die, but first,
To know the pain of children.
As Abel’s blood cried from the earth.
The mother’s heart was broken.
From age to age each mother’s breast
Has known the grief and pain,
Of love and labor, life and death,
But rise each day to bear the strain.

And yet her loves’ a gem so pure,
It ceases never still to shine.
Through storm and tempest it endure,
A monument so rare, sublime.

What tribute can mere words portray?
What diadem to crown?
A head so worthy to array,
An empress of such great renown.

A woman is a precious gift,
To mankind oft times undeserved.
But a mother is a treasure chest,
She’s worth her weight again in gold.

Let every mother be exalted,
Upon a golden, lofty throne.
And let her name be ever honored
For the glory all her own.

Let manhood never dethrone her,
Nor yet despoil her majesty.
The queen of Earth and Ether,
Throughout all eternity.

To all mothers high or lowly,
All mothers rich or poor,
Know that you, and you only,
To life’s avenue’s the door.

How precious is a mother’s love!
How warm her tender care.
As gentle as a turtle dove,
Are mothers everywhere.

What father can console a child,
Fretfully tossing through the night?
Like a mother strong yet so mild.
From early dusk to the morning light.

And what man there is without a mother?
Though he king or peasant be.
And when there ever was another,
As brave and loving strong as she?

Kings, princes, soldiers, poets,
Philosophers doctors, lawyers,
Statesmen, politicians, musicians,
Writers, journalists, actors, singers,
Psychologists, psychiatrists, lyricists,
Architects, builders, carpenters, masons,
Engineers, painters, artist, pages,
Rich man, poor man, scholar, knave,
Policeman, doorman, beggar, slave.
All are your sons! Your sons!
Your sons! Your sons! Your Sons!
Your sons! Your sons! Your Sons!
Your sons! Your sons! Your Sons!
Your sons! Your sons! Your Sons!

 Prince john Chaber
Cry Out My Soul